Saturday, November 6, 2010

Samur A.I.

A Robotic face with goggled layers of mirrored lenses and a crowned third eye. The top of the head sweeps back complete with a cable like topknot. Clean lines with a weathered finish give his face a bit of an attitude.

Medium: Fiberglass, Epoxy Clay, Sun glass lenses, Cable Housing,

First appearance Souterrian Porte 5, 2009. Nancey, France


An ancient Hero with a futuristic reconstruction. The face plates Switch from closed face to an open Greek helmet configuration.

Made from Fiberglass and Epoxy Clay, Resin Filler and sun glass lenses.

First appearance Souterrian Porte 5, 2009. Nancey, France

Featured in Spectrum 17


The legendary half Man half Bull created as a a highly detailed wearable helmet. The goggles flip up and the face splits to hang open.

Made from epoxy clay, Steer horns, Sun glass lenses and Leather.

First Shown at The Congregation of Forgotten Saints, Heavy Metal Awards Art Show. Los Angeles, California

Featured in Spectrum 17.

Sold . . .


A face out of Classical Mythology. But with goggles.

Made from Epoxy clay and yeah, Sun glass lenses.

First shown at Strychnin Gallery, Berlin

Selected for inclusion in "Spectrum 18" under the title "Poseidon"

Z HL 77

A high tech fighter helmet with multiple vision ports and sensors. Battered and Bruised but still reporting for duty.

Made from Fiber Glass and Epoxy clay. Metal hardware and Sun glass lenses.

First shown at Souterrain Porte 5. Nancey, France